Millennium Farm

PFED's Pilot AD + NCS Facility

The Host Farm

Millennium Farm is a 4-house poultry operation owned by Jason and Kim Lambertson. Built in 2000, it is part of a larger, Lambertson family owned 23-house poultry operation located on 50 acres in Worcester County, Maryland.

Millennium Farm is unique in that it grows pullet poultry, the future egg-laying breeder (parent) birds for commercial broiler chickens. It grows 82,000 birds per years in two, 21-week cycles. The farm has been recognized three times as the farm of the year by the Delmarva Poultry Industry and has won multiple awards for performance and production from Tyson Foods, its contract integrator.

The farm is enrolled in the Maryland Agricultural Land Preservation program, which is part of the Lambertson’s commitment to keeping agricultural production on the Eastern Shore of Maryland. It has also participated in the Conservation Resource Enhancement Program by planting dedicated tree and grass buffers to aid in best management practices for the farm.

The AD + NCS Facility

PFED's Pilot AD + NCS Facility is designed to treat 1,200 tons of poultry litter from Millennium Farm annually. Electricity generated from PFED's 26 kWh combined heat and power (CHP) biogas generator is net-metered back to Millennium Farm to offset their electric bill, and field amendment generated from the facility is made available to the farm for field application.

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