Planet Found Energy Development

Planet Found Energy Development is a Maryland-based LLC composed of scientists, farmers, and businessmen dedicated to developing manure management technologies that will safeguard the environment, economic viability and lifestyle of agricultural communities in the Chesapeake Bay Region and beyond.


Planet Found combines a series of anaerobic digestion, solids separation and filtration technologies to design and build patent-pending Combined Anaerobic Digestion and Nutrient Capture Systems (AD + NCS) for treating livestock manures as well as municipal and industrial organic wastes.

Our AD system biologically produces renewable energy in the form of methane gas, which can be converted to heat, electricity, or upgraded to renewable natural gas.

PFED’s NCS system physically and chemically treats the AD residual to produce stable, low-odor, nutrient-adjusted field amendments, potting soils and fertilizers, while eliminating liquid discharge. In the process, the majority of phosphorus introduced to the system is captured as a phosphorus-based fertilizer, removing it from the nutrient cycle in sensitive agricultural and ecological environments.

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